Basic softwarepackage for lawyers

The best basic softwarepackage

Legalsense is the software solution for the modern law firm. The basic package, available from € 29.50 per user per month, has all the functionality for a small to medium sized law firm right away to get started:

  • Matter management: easily manage your clients and matters. On the detail pages you view on all relevant client data and file, and you will understand the revenue arising from your files.
  • Writing time: easy entry of hours worked in a way that is easiest for you, direct overview of the already entered hours.
  • Disbursements tracking: for easy charging of your clients or mutual settlement office.
  • Billing: preparing your claim with Legalsense is very simple. Difficult for the exceptions are numerous options available.

Working online

Legalsense is available as an online service. That means you always safe with your data, your software management drastically simplified and you 24 hours a day assured of backups.

Additional Modules

The basic package is easily expanded through additional modules. For example serving a customer portal, document sharing and opportunities for training credit records and leave management. Customisation is always possible, at very attractive rates. Incidentally, we aim Legalsense always to your liking, without having to charge a premium for.


Legal Sense is available from € 29.50 per user per month.